Privacy Act Statement for Research

Koalesce Designs™ is asking for your contact information so that we can decide if you are able to participate in research studies about our website and/or products, and services. Your participation in a study is optional; nothing changes if you choose to opt out.

By providing your contact information, you agree to receive follow-up email about the study. For example, you might get an email asking, “Please share what brought you to this website today?” Based on your response to that question, you might later receive a follow-up email with instructions for scheduling a time to participate in a usability test .

Koalesce Designs™ research is conducted in the spirit of streamlining service delivery and improving customer service, and use such feedback regularly to make service and product improvements. Koalesce Designs™ collection of contact information will not be shared with any outside third-party vender or company. Koalesce Designs™ takes every precaution to protect your privacy. 

Koalesce Designs™ uses information collected through research in accordance with its published Privacy Policy.

Thank you for helping us improve Koalesce Designs™ products and services.