Koalesce /kōəˈles/ Designs /dəˈzīn/

Means to come together to form one mass or whole to create and to innovate for everyone.

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We specialize in thoughtful design thinking (TDT) & engineering systems thinking (EST)

Koalesce Designs is a socially conscious UX design consulting firm that partners with startups and organizations to bring innovative and inclusive ideas and products to life. We were recently named by Startup Pill as one of the “101 Top Consulting Startups to Follow in 2021.”

With a specialized focus on thoughtful design thinking and engineering systems thinking, we help companies and brands powerfully impact and broaden their audience through app development, UX design, and innovative product design. You have ideas, we have design solutions.

Our Design Vision — With Every User in Mind

Too many products are missing the mark simply because they were created for the few and not a diverse range of customers. Which is why we asked ourselves an important question: What if we approached every new app, website, or product design with a focus on the diversity of the people we serve?

Our vision at Koalesce Designs is to be a company that leads the way in igniting thoughtful, diverse, and inclusive designs; empowering others to do the same.

Our approach is simple: we promote thoughtful design thinking in every aspect of every design regardless of the industry we are serving. Research, strategy, and development are filtered through our value for respect and open-mindedness toward the world around us. The end results are products, apps, and services that reach a wider audience, connect intimately with your customers and expand your brand’s impact.


At Koalesce Designs, our mission is to help brands bring thoughtful and inclusive ideas to life. Through design innovation and strategy development, we work with our partners to lead the way in introducing products, apps, and designs that are made with every user in mind. Integrity is at the heart of our mission. At Koalesce Designs, every product is designed with every possible user in mind.


Our company is built on a foundation of inclusivity over individualism and collaboration over competition. By working together with our team of experts and our partners, we create industry-leading designs and development that will positively impact an audience far greater than we’ve yet imagined.

Whether you are a member of our design team or our partner in innovation, we make certain that our values are reflected in everything we do:

  1. INTEGRITY: Know and do what is right
  2. RESPECT: Treating others the way you want to be treated
  3. ACCOUNTABLE: Accept your actions, and impact everyone around you.
  4. EMPOWERING: Inspire and help others to grow, succeed, and lead.
  5. INSPIRE: To encourage creativity and to ignite innovation.


The world can and should be a place where everyone is inspired and empowered to succeed. That is the true power of innovation. That is our vision and purpose at Koalesce Designs.