Koalesce /kōəˈles/ Designs /dəˈzīn/

Means to come together to form one mass or whole to create and to innovate for everyone.

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Our Mission

“We want to inspire and encourage us and others to step up and step in, to break boundaries, take risks, and to innovate with empathy.”

Our Vision

Responsible impact

We understand that actions have consequences in the world, in our communities, and in our personal lives.


We act globally by leading the diversity model within our organization that spans across borders and culture by creating an inclusive ecosystem for the greater good.


What we think, do, and say aligns with our business mission statement.

How we define our company and culture.

We are a collection of individuals from different backgrounds, lifestyles, social experiences, race, and religion. We have a variety of different perspectives, topics, and ideas that shares a common purpose and unite to form one company - Koalesce Designs.


Know and do what is right.


Treating others the way you want to be treated.


Accept that your actions impact everyone around you.


Inspire and help others to grow, succeed and lead.


To encourage creativity and to ignite innovation.

Our team

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  • Tarzine Jackson

    Tarzine Jackson

  • Yi Zhong

  • Ann Ho

  • Tony Luong

  • Jonathan Truong

  • Joe Millea

  • Sheldon Akinrimisi

  • Chris Castro

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Applied design knowledge is the creation, wisdom, and skills of concepts from traditional design.

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